10 best motherboard for video editing

10 Best Motherboard For Video Editing in 2021

Video editing has become the trendiest thing everywhere. It could be for Tiktok, YouTube or any other profession like people used it to promote their business make videos of their products, and upload it over various social media accounts.

So, it can be seen that if you want to be a professional in this you need the best motherboard for video editing. Before deciding which motherboard is best let’s have a look at the term motherboard first.

Best Motherboard For Video Editing in 2021

Motherboards, as the name suggests, are the mother of your PC, and have their eye on everything that your PC does. Whether it is a calculation, new connection, communication inside the computer, the motherboard will allow you to do so.

Best Video Editing Motherboards

The motherboard uses different components like chipsets, processors, and storage mediums to help you work greatly while using your laptop, etc.

If your device does not have a motherboard you will even not be able to open a file on your system. It allows all the peripheral connections and memory edition like hard disks,  through sockets embedded on it. This will also let buses transfer data and have graphic card facilitation for editing videos.

The motherboard should be higher in storage to save edited videos from time to time. As people are turning into making videos more than presenting their businesses physically to the audience, so the requirement for the best motherboard for editing videos has increased in recent years.

Moreover, you need a core 6,  3rd generation, and later generation customized PC for video editing. You can find the best motherboards for video editing while surfing the web.

However, you may get confused doing so. Because many Brands are providing assortments of motherboards. To have one, you need to identify your requirements for your motherboard like how much budget do you have, which generation you want and what size of the RAM would be, etc.

Top Motherboard For Video Editing

Below is a list of the top motherboards for video editing. Let’s see which motherboard you need for your work:

ASUS WS C246 PRO: Best AMD Motherboard For Video Editing

The WS C246 PRO motherboard is the production of ASUS company. This is the best AMD motherboard for video editing as it automatically detects and resolves any problems regarding memory because of ECC DDR4.  Moreover, it has dual gigabyte Ethernet, this will increase input data transferring and provide you higher proficiency while editing your videos.

Processor2666 MHz
Memory storage64 GB
Chipset typeIntel C246
CPU SocketLGA 1151
PlatformWindow 7, Windows 8.1, Window 10
  • This motherboard has LGA 1151 CPU sockets
  • Compatible with generation 8
  • Work with Intel Xeon E-series processors only
  • Your productivity is enhanced due to the safe slot feature
  • ASUS provides you with great HD sound quality with the help of Realtek ALC887
  • Also suited for unburdened ECC DDR4
  • HD sound quality
  • Higher productivity
  • Multi-purpose
  • It can’t support NVIDIA

ASUS WS C422 SAGE: Budget Video Editing Motherboard

The company ASUS is well known for its in budget video editing motherboard. It means if you have a low budget you can go for WS C246 but if you have a higher budget you can go for WS C422. This product provides you with a high speed as it uses both 4-way NVIDIA SLI and AMD Crossfire. C422 has ECC RAM which will resolve problems regarding memory on its own and offers high data transfer rate.

Processor1 GHz
Memory storage1 MB
RAM techDDR4
Chipset typeAMD Geode GX
CPU SocketLGA 1151
PlatformWindow 10
  • Compatible with 7th generation devices
  • It can operate well with W-E series processors
  • In the injection molding process, the metal is injected which makes it amazing for working with AMD and NVIDIA crossfire
  • Japanese capacitors are used in it for maximum sound quality and have Realtek S1220A for Crystal sounding
  • Embedded with Aura sync RGB lightings
  • ASUS control center which has low operating IT costs
  • Lower BIOS upgrading costs
  • Secure and perfect for small and medium businesses as lower costs
  • Expensive

Gigabyte B450 AORUS Wifi: 4k Video Editing Motherboard

Gigabyte also provides you with great motherboards. This B45” AORUS motherboard is designed as a 4K video editing motherboard. This motherboard has multi-generation compatible processors. It has a higher memory speed which is 3600 MHz.

Further, the B450 by gigabyte has a PCI-E graphic card interface and a total of 14 ports for peripheral connections. With the innovation of AMD StoreMI technology in this motherboard, you will get a great video editing experience.

Memory speed3600 MHz
Memory storage64 GB
Memory typeDual-channel DDR4
CPU socketSocket AM4
PlatformWindow 7, Windows 8.1, Window 10
  • C422 AORUS wifi Can support multiple generations i.e. AMD 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation, and Athlon Ryzen processors.
  • For local area connections, they have WiFi in it
  •  Heatsink dual guard: the M.2 and U.2 port devices’ thermal will be lessened automatically.
  • High-quality Chemicon audio capacitors for amazing sounds in your videos. It means while editing in how many parts you can split your sound.
  • High graphic cards can be connected with it
  • Small and weighs less
  • User friendly
  • Increased features
  • Cheap & Durable
  • The connection driver (WiFi) can only support Win10 64 bit

MSI MPG B550 Carbon Wifi Motherboard

You can also call MPG B550 a future motherboard as it can support future processor series as well. You can do so by just updating BIOS. MSI motherboard manufacturers take this as a video editing motherboard benchmark because it has all the features required by anyone.

Additionally, it can be used for gaming. It provides you with a great connectivity experience because of WiFi AX and 2.5 Gb/s LAN.

Memory speed4866 MHz
Memory storage128 GB
RAM techDDR4
Chipset typeAMD B550
PlatformWindow 10
CPU SocketSocket AM4
  • Both RGB and Rainbow LED is supported by the mystic light effects
  • This motherboard will provide you with great processing ability because of boosted core, and both 8 & 4 CPU power connectors
  • Future series of Ryzen processors will work with it
  • Compatible with PCI-E ports and AMD Turbo USB 3.2
  • Further, it has M.2 shield Frozr which will help you to transfer data efficiently
  • Multiple lighting options
  • Adaptable and can support future series of processors
  • High bandwidth and low latency while Ethernet
  • The BIOS in this motherboard doesn’t operate with XMP

ASUS Prime X299-A|| ATX Motherboard:

This product by ASUS is the best value for your money as it offers you the pro cool facility, ultimate connection power, higher memory and, Aura RGB lighting. You can easily update its BIOS with just a little power supply and a USB which come with a specific file needed for the update.

Memory speed2133 MHz
Processor4266 MHz
Memory storage256 GB
RAM techDDR4
Chipset typeIntel X299
PlatformWindow 10
CPU socketLGA 2066
  • X299 has 8 slots for DDR4 which allows you to have 256 GB storage capacity
  • VRM heatsink and FanXpert 4
  • It can support C-type USB 3.2, M.2, and Intel VROC
  • It also has reset button named Flex Key.
  • Pro cooling system
  • RGB lighting
  • Stable power delivery capacitors
  • Doesn’t have rainbow mystic lighting

Gigabyte X399 Designare EX Motherboard

X399 Designare EX is the product of Gigabyte. This motherboard will provide you with a great video editing experience as it can work with AMD Ryzen Thread ripper processors. The great RGB light effects, higher data transfer rate, and USB 3.1 make it a good motherboard for video editing.

Memory storageUp to 128
RAM techDDR4
Chipset typeAMD X470
Platform Window 10
  • Can work with AMD Ryzen Thread ripper processors
  • It comes with both ECC/non-ECC DDR4 and 8 DIMMs
  • Further, the X399 motherboard has a C-type USB 3.1 interface
  • Multiple smart Fan 5 for cooling task
  • Secure connections
  • Access to the maximum bandwidth
  • Buffered DDR4 will reduce the working capacity of your computer by 2% every year

ASUS Prime B460M-A Micro ATX Motherboard:

The prime B460M-A ATX motherboard has extra abilities for video editing like 128 GB Storage capacity, Fan Xpert 2+, fast data transferring speed, and M.2 for exclusively fast connectivity. This motherboard is durable because of multiple hardware protection covers.

Memory speed2933 MHz
CPU socketLGA 1200
Memory storage 128 GB
RAM techDDR4
Chipset typeIntel B460
Platform Window 10
  • PCI Express secured ports
  • Compatibility with 10th generation intel core processors
  • Thermal sensors and Fan Xpert 2+ for a normal temperature device
  • Aura Sync RGB headers for LED lighting
  • ASUS OptiMem for working effectively at lower power costs
  • Durable because of protected ports
  • VRM & PCH heatsink
  • Reasonable price
  • RAID does not operate with M.2 slot

Gigabyte Z490 UD Motherboard

The Z490 UD is a multi-functional and cheap motherboard for video editing. What makes it incredible than all the other motherboards is its higher ability to transfer memory, Q Flash plus button, double locking brackets, and solid pin connectors. Moreover, it has cooling fans for cooling, dual-channel ECC DDR4, and amplified audio with ALC887 Audio DAC.

Memory speed4400 MHz
Memory storage128 Gb
RAM techDDR4
CPU socketLGA 1200
PlatformWindow 7, Window 8, Window 8.1, Window 10
  • Hybrid Fans for VRM cooling, RGB headers for RGB LED lighting, and dual non-parity DDR4
  • Realtek connectivity
  • All kinds of USB ports
  • GPU and PCI Express ports
  • Compatible with 10th generation processors
  • Great color fusion system
  • Best value in less money
  • Greater storage capacity (up to 10,000 TB)
  • Extended boot times

Msi Meg X570 Ace Motherboard:

MSI company has invented this higher power motherboard. The MEG X570 ACE has froze heatsink, and M.2 shield frozr both help you to reduce the thermal throttling. This gives you maximum sustainability of SSD data. The PCI Express and PCB provide you with maximum bandwidth for faster data transfer.

Memory speed2666 MHz
CPU socketSocket AM4
Memory storage 128 GB
RAM techDDR4
Chipset typeAMD 570X
Platform Window 10
  • Support only AMD 3rd generation Ryzen processors
  • heat pipe for thermal dissipation
  • This can work with all the Graphic processing units say NVIDIA, SLI, and AMD Crossfire
  • In addition to mystic lighting, it has an infinity mirror for endless light effects
  • The audio capacity of this motherboard is high because of ESS audio DAC, HD audio processor, audio capacitors, and audio jacks
  • Smart cooling system
  • Great heatsink and lightning infrastructure
  • Wifi 6 and Bluetooth for high-quality connectivity
  • Terrible BIOS navigation

Gigabyte H310m A 2.0 Motherboard:

This motherboard is the cheap motherboard for video editing by the Gigabyte. The H310M-A motherboard can support Intel core recent processors. You can get higher proficiency audio experience with HD Audio capacitors. It further has Anti-sulfur Resistors.

Memory speed2666 MHz
CPU socketLGA 1151
Memory storage 32 GB
RAM techDDR4
Chipset typeIntel H310
Platform Window 8, Window 8 pro, window 8.1, Window 10
  • Smart fan 5 and hybrid fan headers
  • 8th and 9th generation Intel core processors are operatable
  • Non-parity unbuffered memory
  • HD quality audio capacitors
  • RGB and Rainbow  LED lighting
  • Best cooling system for greater performance
  • Super quality audio in video editing
  • PCI Express plus SATA interface which offers great potential for work
  • Cheaper but compromised designed

How Motherbaord Work & Its Parts Functions

Below are the more detail about how motherboard work, so if you want to know click on below given link or picture.

Data Source: Study.com

Final Verdict:

Many motherboards are in the market which is best suited for video editing. You can find motherboards in any range which suits you. To facilitate your decision for choosing any motherboard a list is provided above. You can select any motherboard of your choice easily from that.

FAQs About Video Editing Motherboards

What is the best motherboard to get for video editing?

Many brands offer different motherboards with different capabilities. Which motherboard to get depends upon the core, the memory, and the generation of that device. The best core is Intel, Generation must be higher than 3 or 4 and has a memory of at least 32 GB.

Does motherboard matter for video editing?

Yes, it does matter. The audio efficiency, data transfer rates, and the Intel core are some factors that affect the video editing performance. Higher memory means you can transfer data at a high rate. Audio capacitors and chips will allow you to split your audio into pieces.

Which motherboard is recommended for 4K and 8k  video editing?

The recommended motherboard for 4K and 8K video editing is the B450 AORUS WiFi motherboard by Gigabytes. You can have all the required features in it.

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